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Why use this app? We'll tell you.


Education should be free, and so is this app

Material Design

Minimalistic design allows for intuitive use

Problem Sets

A plethora of problems to keep you occupied and practice your newly developed skills.


Test what you have learned and prepare for tests and exams.

API and References

Those online API sites can be initimidating for anyone. We've created examples and uses of the most widely used APIs so you can more easily understand what your code is doing.


Want to create something cool, but don't know where to start. Our projects are hand picked and allow you to display your skills


Take a look at what we've got.

Simple Design

Material design allows for you to take pleasure in the app's minimal and simple design. The elegant and simple design allow for anyone to use this app. If you are a first timer, you will enjoy the intuitiveness of its interface.

Easy to Understand

The app is created by individuals who have been through those dreaded, but sometimes interesting programming and computer science classes. We understand how challanging it can be to understand concepts and problems sometimes. That's why every example, problem, and project have been written by us so you can understand and learn better.

Available anytime, anywhere, for free

This app is always with you no matter where you go. You can be in the middle of the Arctic Circle and it would still work (just make sure you have some battery left). Unlike your daily cup of coffee, this app is 100% free (but you can send a few bucks our way if you'd like).